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מדיניות החזרים

בית מרקחת זה מחויב לספק את המוצרים והלקוחות האיכותיים ביותר שירות ואחראי על אספקת הזמנות ללקוחות. אנו מעניקים לכל הלקוחות המוערכים שלנו ערבות להחזר כספי של 30 יום. עם זאת, בשל אופי המוצרים, שהם תרופות מבוקרות במדינות רבות, יש צורך לפעול לפי כמה הנחיות.


Following are the cases where a customer can apply for a refund:

  1. Cancellation: If a customer cancels the order within 3 hours of making the payment. Once the payment has been made and the order has been forwarded to the Shipping Department, no refunds can be issued.
  2. Non-Reception: If an order has not been received by the customer within 45 days of processing the payment, the customer can apply for a refund. However, the following non-reception causes will not be refunded:
  1. Customer changed his/her address.
  2. Customer provided a wrong address.
  3. The order arrived at the right address, but there was no one to claim it.
  4. The order arrived at the right address, but someone else claimed it.
  5. Ineffective products: We try our best to source top-notch products for our valued customers, but still if a customer claims that the products he/she received are ineffective, the customer can apply for a refund, given the customer provides us with the following:
  1. A clear picture of the lab tests report.
  2. A clear picture of the products.
  3. A clear picture of the package (Envelop, box etc.).
  4. Order number.
  5. Proof of Payment (Electronic or physical receipt)

Note: A refund may take up to 60 business days depending on the credit card processing company policies, and the policies of the corresponding banks the customer uses.

Payments made through Western Union, MoneyGram, or BitCoin can be refunded within 5 business days upon completion of the investigation.